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People And Canines   

Georgann and Merlin
Merlin's Blue Magic Truitt CDX CGC TDI FDCh
Standard Poodle
1,986 points

For Merlin - "You've Got A Friend" from Toy Story

Merlin, also known as Merlin's Blue Magic Truitt CDX CGC TDI FDCh and big brother to Cody, is my soul dog.  Loveable, goofy, comical, sweet, gentle - that and more describe Merlin, who also has the nickname Bubba!  Merlin was the first dog on the now defunct Thunderdogs team (2nd flyball formed in the Dallas area) to earn the Flyball Dog title back in January of 1994.   Merlin was most often a start dog for the second team of PAC after its creation and actually watched the start lights and knew when to go!  Merlin also competed in obedience, earning the AKC CDX title and is an excellent therapy dog.  Anyone who lives with Merlin can't stay sad for very long, because he will come to comfort you with hugs and will then do something goofy to make you smile.  Merlin loves his little BC brother, Cody, and cowtows to big (little) sister, toy poodle devil dog, Sally.  He is also a great "uncle dog" to any BC foster puppies that his mom fosters.  Even though Merlin is retired, at the ripe age of 10 yrs., he is still in great shape and loves a good run and romp!

(Merlin ended up with 1986 points and is currently listed as 23rd standard poodle out of 108 listed in NAFA.)

Merlin happily babysits Border Collie Rescue foster puppy, Zephyr (February 2000)