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People And Canines   

Don and Skye
Lucky Skye CGC CDX  FM  
Border Collie
5,923 points
(4,077 points left to FMX)
For Skye
"Scotland the Brave"

My first experience with obedience training or flyball racing came in 1997 with my Border Collie "Skye".  Skye earned CDX in November 1999, and Flyball Master in March 2000, whereupon he temporarily stepped out of flyball to concentrate on doing well in Utility obedience training.  As soon as Skye earns his UD obedience title, we plan to return to flyball competition.   I have remained active with PAC as box loader while Skye is taking a break.  While there are probably thousands of Border Collies name "Skye", my boy is the only one featured on the official Isle of Skye business community's web page.  

Check it out by clicking "Archive" at  and then clicking "Flyball Skye. The Pugwash Hall of Fame."

Both photographs on this page taken by Bryant Dog Photography