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People And Canines   

Alison and Scarlett

Fire Rock's
Southern Belle
Ibizan Hound

For Scarlett - "Walk Like An Egyptian"

Alison:  Scarlett is the first and only Ibizan Hound in flyball! Currently in training....hoping to get tournament experience by January.

Teammate Jenn's comments on Scarlett:  I remember seeing Scarlett for the first time at the Astrohall tournament in July of 2000.  I had never seen a puppy sleep like a pretzel, and I'd never seen an Ibizan Hound before, either - so it was a double treat!  What an amazing dog!

I'd taken an interest in watching Scarlett at the tournaments (since we were on a different team), to see how she'd grown...and what she'd look like all grown up!  She's a beauty, and a joy to observe.  Keep an eye out for this one!  

(ABOVE - Sleeping Baby Scarlett
and her lobster, July 2000 - Astrohall)

Same puppy in College Station, January 2001 (Now she has her stuffed cow.)

What she looks like awake and alert!  What an exotic beauty!
College Station, January 2001: