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People And Canines  

Georgann and Sally
Truitt Sally Goodin UD CGC FD
Toy Poodle Devil Dog
74 points

For HRH Sally Goodin -

Sally, aka Truitt Sally Goodin UD CGC FD, is our toy poodle Devil Dog!  Sally was born on July 29, 1987 and still rules the roost at home.  All dogs MUST respect and obey the tiny tyrant and she thinks the humans should do likewise.  Sally did earn her AKC UD in obedience and her mom tried really hard to get her to earn her UDX, but gave up lacking only one more leg - after trying for 2 years to get that leg!  Sally did condescend to play flyball for a little while, but some other dogs seemed to enjoy chasing her, so she decided that wasn't the sport for her.  Actually, Sally sees any dog sport as a spectator sport for her - for other dogs to embarrass themselves in public.  She is far above such nonsense and crazy behavior. How embarrassing to bend to the desires and whims of those uncouth humans!  (Humans are only good for supplying food and occasional belly rubs - oh, and she does enjoy it when her human blows soap bubbles for her to chase.)  Sally will also condescend to play with a toy for humans to continue to deem her as THE CUTEST poodle/dog on the face of the earth, a title she loathes to relinquish.  Sally Goodin is very special, though, because she's Georgann's first dog and if it weren't for Sally, Georgann wouldn't have Merlin or Cody and might not have discovered flyball, obedience, agility, freestyle and Border Collie Rescue Texas!  Thank goodness for Sally!

(Sally did manage to accumulate 74 points and is ranked 9th out of 20 toy poodles in NAFA.)