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People And Canines   

Doreen and Rip
Rip FM
Border Collie
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For "The Ripper" -
A little bit of Garth Brooks

Rip came to our family in October 1997. I was looking for a BC through BCR of TX to run flyball with and my teammate Georgann Hughes told me about this special little foster dog that Sam Ford of Border Collie Rescue of Texas held high in his heart. After looking at him at a tourny, I fell in love with him, especially his unique bark. After getting to know him and putting him through an obedience class, we then introduced Rip to flyball. He took to it like a bear takes to honey. He was ready to run by the time he was a year old. His first tourny was Memphis, St Jude, and Sam and Terrie (also of Border Collie Rescue) got to see him run for the first time. They were thrilled, and needless to say, so was I. Ever since then, he has been non-stop. Rip is the start dog for P.A.C. Attack and is very competitive. He'll run for anyone, anytime for the sheer fun of it. He is the best!