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People And Canines   

Jenn and Chance
Border Collie Mix

For Chance - "In The Mood"

Chance is a 6 1/2-year old Border Collie mix that I adopted from the SPCA in Downtown Dallas when he was just six weeks old (February 1995).  I had no clue what a Border Collie was, or how big they got, or how smart they were...I just saw a cute black puppy who would be a perfect companion for me, and great protection for our small home as he got older.

Sure enough, I couldn't have had a more effective alarm system than Chance over the years.  

Chance, being an older dog, isn't being pushed too hard to learn flyball...he's got the basics down, loves a tug toy and fetching, and has the potential to become a rather quick racer, if he'd only learn to ignore the dog in the other lane, and learn that the box isn't a scary monster.  It's all about getting him in the right mood.  Right now, he's more of a companion to little brother Zephyr and practices flyball as something to do with the family.  We're fairly confident that someday he'll become a contributing member of a competing team - lots of senior dogs enjoy flyball as much as their youthful teammates.

Chance and household friend Dante share a joke (left)
Chance sharing the same joke with little brother Zephyr (right)